We believe in the power of B Corps! B Corps are businesses that are a force for good and what better way to spread that force than by pairing with a fellow B Corp to promote reusing and reducing waste!

World of Books (WOB) started with a group of book-loving entrepreneurs who noticed a bag of books, that were destined for landfill, in a charity shop bin. They rescued the books, determined to give them a second life. WOB has since grown from a book saving start-up into a leading global seller of quality used books.

As you know, Flawsome is also guided by a vision of saving things that aren't wanted and re-using them! We take wonky and surplus fruit and turn them into wonderful sustainable drinks. Food waste is a big issue, 3.7 trillion apples are wasted globally! By saving what we can, and repurposing them into drinks, we are part of the solution to stop food from going to waste.

To make this collab between Flawsome and WOB extra special, WOB has shared their ultimate list of fruity fiction – it’s not just fiction that talks about fruit, but fiction books that feature fruit in the title! Check out how many of the titles on their list you’ve read!

We're also giving you the chance to win a bundle of 5 books from Wob and a box of our new sustainable health shots! To enter, simply head to this post on our Instagram page.

Thank you for reading