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As you might have guessed from the title, we just received some exciting results. To celebrate the news that our Health Shots have been awarded three Great Tate Awards, we sat down with Sarah Kirton from DeliveryRank to talk about our incredible journey, goals for the future, and sustainable mission. You can read the full interview here.

But before we jump in, we want to tell you all about our winning products.

Our Health Shots are small in size but BIG in impact, made with wonky fruit transformed into a bright, sometimes spicy shot without the hiccups. With undertones of ginger, cherry or turmeric, we've added apple for natural sweetness. They've all got added functional benefits, such as Vitamin C and D. Not bad for a little bottle.

Now, let's get on with the interview...

Sarah: How does Flawsome! Drinks contribute to sustainability and helping communities?

Karina: We invest nearly 2% of our sales, not just our profit, in environmental causes and charities around the world. We invest in biodiversity conservation that helps protect the tropical rainforests, install wind farms and improve cook stoves for families in Peru.

Sarah: With the mission to save 20 thousand tonnes of ‘wonky’ surplus fruit and vegetables, what strategies or partnerships do you employ to achieve this goal? 

Karina: We have built strong personal relationships with farmers near our home, allowing us to access wonky and surplus fruit quickly and easily while ensuring that they are paid a fair price for their produce. We are working with Oddbox to distribute juices close to expiration, reducing our product waste.

Sarah: Your company has a strong focus on giving back, including donating drinks to charitable causes. Could you tell us more about the impact you have made so far and your plans to donate one million drinks over the next 5 years?

Karina: Flawsome! is all about positive impact. As a B Corp, we are part of a global community of businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability. We partner with food waste charities like The Felix Project to further eliminate wastage. Our donations helped children, families and others facing hunger. These donations bring us closer to our 5 year mission to donate 1 million drinks to charities around the UK! Forget your supermarket shower gel. This soap is plastic free and made from natural ingredients. But we wouldn't expect anything less from Little Soap Company, who have been hand-crafting these sudsy bars since 2008. Just like our co-founders, Emma was inspired by her nan to start her small business. We know she'd be proud!

Sarah: In addition to reducing waste, what other factors contribute to making Flawsome! Drinks stand out, such as the cold-pressed process and the use of seasonal produce? 

Karina: Most of our recipes are based on our grandmothers’ methods. We spend a lot of time testing our flavours to ensure they are delicious, as well as nutritious. We never add sugar or sweeteners, instead letting the natural sweetness of fruit shine through. We are flexible in our manufacturing process thanks to the relationship we’ve built with our farmers, allowing us to take advantage of wonky and surplus fruit at its best. This includes using unusual crops to create limited edition juices.

Sarah: How do these elements enhance the taste and nutritional value of your juices?

Karina: We fortify many of our drinks with vitamins and minerals to boost their health value. Our Wonky Fruit Waters are fortified with Vitamins C and D as well as iron, while our Health Shots have different benefits, such as prebiotics to support gut health.

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