B Corp brands we love

Being a B Corp is a serious business.

That's why we're taking time this month to celebrate our fellow pioneers in the sustainable business sector. Without them, progress towards a low-waste, healthy future would be a lot harder - trust us.

B Corp™ is a new kind of business model that harmonises purpose and profit. It is the only certification that measures a company’s complete social and environmental performance. As a certified B Corp, we invest nearly 2% of our sales (not just our profit) in environmental causes and charities around the world.

We've picked five of our favourite female-founded B Corp companies to shout about, from the sauciest brand to tissues that are wiping the floor with the competition.

1. Rubies in the Rubble

Founder Jenny makes incredible condiments from produce that would otherwise have gone to waste. Now that's a cause we can get behind! From ketchup to garlic mayo, Rubies in the Rubble uses surplus fruit and veg to craft their scrumptious goodies. Now all we need are the chips...

2. Cheeky Panda

Did you know that there's a surplus of bamboo? We didn't either! On a trip to south-east Asia, Julia and her co-founder Chris realised that there was plenty of bamboo to go around. More sustainable than other sources, they turned this material into expertly crafted toilet roll and tissues. They've really helped start a movement!

3. Little Soap Company

Forget your supermarket shower gel. This soap is plastic free and made from natural ingredients. But we wouldn't expect anything less from Little Soap Company, who have been hand-crafting these sudsy bars since 2008. Just like our co-founders, Emma was inspired by her nan to start her small business. We know she'd be proud!

4. Grace & Green

Sustainability is important in all parts of our lives - and that includes our periods! Grace & Green create eco-friendly period products for a softer, greener time-of-the-month. Made from 100% organic materials, these pads and tampons are better for your body and the planet.

5. Divine Chocolate

This fair trade chocolate brand has been around for a while for good reason. Co-owned by chocolate farmers, their buttery-smooth bars are sustainably sourced and ridiculously moreish. As a B Corp, Divine empower women and ensure that the supply chain of their beans is as transparent as possible. And their chocolate is all the sweeter for it.

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