We’re loud and proud about our wonky juice brand making a big impact! We’re committed to doing our part in creating a sustainable and healthy world so we can help sustain the future of people and planet. From production to packaging to products… We like to say we’re sustainable to our core (apple pun intended 😆) .  

At Flawsome!, being a force for good is not just a tagline, it's a commitment. Our certification as a Social Enterprise UK and B Corp is a testament to our dedication to sustainability and community. As part of the global community of B Corps, we are proud to use our business as a platform for positive change. We believe that true success lies in giving back and making a difference. 

Our verified impact score is 87.3 and we are continuing to work on improving it for our re-clarification in 2024 (all B Corps must recertify every 3 years). 


The scale of food waste is staggering. 

Of all the food grown across the world, approximately one third is wasted. Food waste feeds climate change. Climate change is a recognised global problem. Food companies are major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation. As food systems are impacted directly by climate change, businesses in the sector have a responsibility to drive environmental action. We do our part to create a sustainable and healthy world for everyone. 

We work with local farmers to turn their surplus and wonky fruit into juice that saves at least 3 pieces of fruit per bottle. 

We align with UN Sustainable Development Goal 12.3 to halve global food waste per capita by 2030. Reducing food waste, or better yet, eliminating food waste altogether is one of themost effective solutions for mitigating climate change. (CHAMPIONS 12.3)

At Flawsome!, we're proud to say that our mission to reduce food waste and promote sustainability is making a real impact. To date, we've given a second chance to over 45M wonky and surplus pieces of fruit, and we're on track to save 20k tonnes of produce over the next 3 years. 

By saving wonky and surplus fruit we: 

  • Prevent greenhouse gas emissions associated with food waste. 
  • Help mitigate climate change. 
  • Help local farmers sell all their food. 
  • Promote a system where less food is wasted. 
  • Educate others on the solutions to prevent food waste.    

Read more about the environmental impacts of food waste in our Guide to Understanding Food Waste and Climate Change.

Sustainable Sourcing

Our sourcing policy is rooted in our commitment to sustainability, as we work to tackle the challenges facing the farming industry, including unfair treatment and rampant food waste. By sourcing surplus produce, we help to address issues such as overproduction, poor forecasting, order cancelations, and cosmetic specifications that contribute to food waste. 

At Flawsome!, we believe in creating a better future through conscious consumption, and we're proud to be a part of the solution.

FAIRER TO FARMERS - We pay our farmers a fair price for their wonky fruit and veg. 

WONKY IS BETTER - Who cares if an apple is the wrong shape or colour? Looks don't matter. Taste does. 

SUSTAINABLE PRACTICES - We are a proud B Corp. Sustainability isn't just future-proof, it can be lip-smackingly good. Never asking farmers to grow fruits for us, instead we take only the wonky and surplus that would be wasted. 


We teamed up with our carbon partners to seek out and secure carbon offset credits, addressing our carbon emissions dating back to our inception. By investing in offset projects, Flawsome! has effectively countered the emissions generated by our operations, achieving carbon neutrality. We've proudly supported three carbon offset projects, taking steps to become carbon positive:  

Read more about our offsetting initiatives and how they benefit the environment. 


Our drinks are designed deliberately to be ambient. This means they can be stored at room temperature and, although they taste amazing fresh out the fridge, don’t need to be chilled. 

Drinks that require chilling, like some health shots and juices, require energy intensive refrigerated storage and transport. By purposefully creating Flawsome! drinks without the need to be chilled, we have created drinks that are still good for you but are also good for the planet, with a smaller carbon footprint too!

Sustainable Materials

We package our products with fully recycled cardboard and packing tissue that is FSC Certified (sourced from a forest and supply chain that is managed responsibly and sustainably), made from Acid Free Paper. 

In 2021, we were able to remove shrink wrapping from all of our bottle cases and now all our cold-pressed juices are packed in recyclable cardboard boxes. 

For 2022, we have introduced an easy peel label on our health shots range, making it easier for you to remove and recycle accordingly. We are also trialing a new label material for our cold-pressed juices and we are continuing to find solutions that will enable us to fully eliminate the shrink wrapping on our lightly sparkling cans multipack deliveries.  

Interested in our sustainability initiatives? Read our Impact Report.

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