We believe that small things can make a BIG difference. This includes small actions that lead to big positive impacts on our health and wellness. We asked our team and Instagram followers what small acts have big impacts on their wellness, here are seven of their suggestions. 

Daily walks to connect with nature  

 Sunlight. Tick! Fresh Air. Tick! Reconnecting with nature. Tick! Going outside for 30-60 minutes can vastly improve your mental health by reducing stress, releasing endorphins (which make us happy) and not to mention the physical perks. Your main source of Vitamin D, which supports better mental health, comes from the sun; in winter our bodies can become deficient. We’re not sure about you, but we find it easy to hibernate away in our homes during the colder months! By pushing yourself to venture outside everyday, even for a short 10 minute walk in the rain, you can keep your body topped up until summer. 

For an extra boost of Vitamin D, our Ginger Immunity Kick shot and Turmeric Daily Defence shot each contain added Vitamin D!

Talking of shots... Take a health shot to get a nutritional boost 

We know this is a cheeky plug for our NEW sustainable health shots, but we HAD to mention it! Maintaining a healthy balance of vitamins and good gut bacteria is essential to good bodily functions. Your intake can impact the quality of your digestion, immunity and mental health. Health shots, especially those with added vitamins and prebiotics (like ours!), are an easy way to boost those bodily benefits. 

Share a meal with loved ones to build connection 

 It really is the small things that have the biggest impact! Something as simple as eating with friends and family can improve your mental health by breaking isolation, relieving stress and increasing your self-esteem. When you eat with loved ones it can create a safe and happy environment that allows our ‘animal brains’ to release positive messages through your body that help you to relax. 

Cook new recipes to keep the mind engaged 

You don’t have to be the one to cook the meal for loved ones, but if you are (or you are cooking for yourself) there’s a little extra in it for your wellness, because cooking can be a mindful activity! Cooking can give you alone time and be a time to switch off and focus on one thing. It can also enhance your creativity, something that is required if you’re trying to save food by finding new ways to avoid putting it in the bin! 

Practice gratitude to build a happier mind 

 We can admit, seeing the positives isn’t always easy. We can get trapped in negative mindsets and thought patterns that make us miss the best bits of our day, especially the small joyous moments. If you’re in the habit of recognising the good stuff, no matter how big or small, it can be really rewarding and make you feel a lot happier. 

How do you practice gratitude? One way is to journal everyday. Write about how you feel, the good and bad, and what made you feel this way. Try to identify patterns, are there things you can change to avoid negative experiences? Are there things you could do more often to increase positive moments? You could also take note of your accomplishments. What have been your successes? Another great way to journal is to reflect at the end of everyday on what you enjoyed. Write 3 items that you are grateful to have experienced. Over time, your mind will be accustomed to seeking out these little pockets of joy, not just at the end of the day, but in the moment they are happening, which leads to a happier life!

Create a skin care routine to show yourself some love 

 Skin care routines, love them or hate them, they have benefits for your mind and body. Think about it… Just you, alone, in front of the mirror, giving yourself some love and attention in a quiet space. Skin care routines are an opportunity for you to not only care for your skin, but to also check in with yourself, to be truthful about how you are feeling mentally and physically. How often have you cleansed, toned, moisturised and thought ‘wow, looking good, looking fresh, looking bright’. These positive affirmations about your body can help you build positive connections with yourself, meaning you criticise yourself less and celebrate yourself more.

Thank you for reading

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