DID YOU KNOW: Climate change is a global health issue.

When our environment isn't healthy, our physical health can suffer, which can also impact our mental health, and vice versa. We believe in a future with healthy humans and a healthy planet, so here are five things that are good for you and also good for the planet.

1. Get outside into nature

The sights, sounds and smells of nature promote a better sense of mental wellbeing as well as being an easy, simple way to move your body. For many people, the more time they spend in nature, the greater the connection they feel to it and, when we are connected to something, we are more inclined to protect it.   

 BONUS: Pick up 5 pieces of litter that you see along the way. Every little helps!

2. Grow food or flowers 

 Even with the tiniest space, there's usually room to grow! Tomatoes and strawberries are fun growing projects that provide a tasty treat - perfect for adults and kids to enjoy. If you prefer flowers to foods, try potting some wildflowers in the garden, on a balcony or on a windowsill, to attract and support your local bees and other essential pollinators.

3. Unplug for the day 

 Avoiding social media can be beneficial to mental health by lowering stress and, if our tech is switched off while we do it, we can conserve energy.

4. Take a health shot

Maintaining a healthy balance of vitamins and good gut bacteria is essential to good bodily functions. Your intake can impact the quality of your digestion, immunity and mental health. Health shots, especially those with added vitamins and prebiotics (like ours!), are an easy way to boost those bodily benefits. Plus, Flawsome! health shots are some of the most sustainable health shots on the market. 

5. Use wholefoods to cook a healthy meal from scratch 

Cooking can be an incredibly mindful activity and when we eat well it can have physical benefits too! Cooking can be a chance for you to get some much needed alone time or, if you prefer a social activity, some together time with a loved-one. When we cook with as many whole foods as possible (instead of processed foods) it can reduce the risk of certain health problems. 

 BONUS: Use wonky foods or use up items that might otherwise have ended up as food waste!

Thank you for reading